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5 cost saving technologies for any #startup

Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Innovo Networks, Damian Michael, believes that the future of business efficiency lies in connecting people.  Sadly, not all businesses have access to resources or technology that enable them to compete with the big guys, and it’s this barrier to entry that Michael believes is failing them.  “Many business owners are not aware that it’s possible to build an integrated office, accessible from anywhere, without building a complicated and expensive network,” explains Michael.

With so many options, it can be confusing to know what is right for your business. Using the latest wireless technology, it is easier now more than ever to maximise productivity and speedy access to data with a minimal investment of capital.

Innovo Networks is a voice, data and cloud provider that aims to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) overcome the barrier of accessibility by providing affordable virtual solutions and technologies that equal that of their larger competitors.

Here are Damian’s 5 cost saving technologies for any Small Business.

  • Hosted PBX – A must have for any business, start up or SME. No outlay of capital, monthly flat rate billed per number of users. Hosted in the cloud and you can use it on your mobile phone
  • Whatsapp Business – An instant messaging service that could be deployed on your company website, connect with customers instantaneously, improve service levels and close deals faster
  • Chatbots – Artificial Intelligence that could do the work of a resource, improves sales and customer care
  • Web Application Firewall – Website security and monitoring, enables protection against hackers and helps keep your website alive
  • Cloud – Storage, Servers and backup for any business is a must. Allows global access to my information and a high service level availability

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