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5 Steps for Effectively Communicating With Your Audience

It’s 2019 and although many things have evolved, one thing has stayed constant: Your audience need to be kept happy. Somehow, this needs to be reconciled with your goals to increase revenue and stay sustainable. This process requires, effective communication. Effective communication should make both parties happy at the end of the day because you get to convert to sales. However, what with competition, brands are constantly figuring out new ways to engage and differentiate.

Here are some steps to guide you into doing the same.

  1. View the world from your audiences’ eyes.

Now, this is assuming that you have identified your target audience, if you haven’t, you would want to.  Don’t communicate what you would like to, communicate what your consumer needs to hear. If you were the consumer of your own product/service, what would you care to know about? How would you want to feel?  Adjust your messaging thus. This will help you develop an effective message and will help you deliver it in ways that will make your audience more likely to listen, engage and act.

2. Think about your goals

Think of this in form of a digital ‘call to action’ button. What would it say if you had one? Let this guide how you approach your communication keeping in mind your target audience.

3. What are your competitors saying?

Think of who your competitors are, think of the competitors whose messaging is equally tailored to your goals. Now, streamline for a good match.  How are they going about communicating with their audience. What are they doing different? It’s important not to imitate but, to take notes on trends within your space.

4. Utilise your Unique Selling Proposition

There are specific properties unique to your product or service. If you note what these are, you can achieve differentiation. For example, premium gelato brand in Nigeria, Hans and Rene did not create digital flyers for the Christmas celebration, as most brands did,  instead, they chose to do a video with staff in Christmas hats singing the ‘Merry Christmas’ song-this was in keeping in line with their brand DNA which over the years, has become solidified as one that is personable. They received good engagement and conversion just by choosing to stick to their USP.  Bottom line, do not forget who you are, when communicating.

5. Determine your Communication Channel(s)

This will heavily depend on the target audience and the information you are passing across. What channels are your target audience most likely to operate in. What type of information are you looking to pass across? For example: news/updates about your brand that do not require a call to action can be passed across via news letters while a major change might best be communicated through a press conference.


The exciting thing about communication in this evolving era is that there is no one fool-proof method to effectively communicate. You can also study your past practices to see what was most successful with your audience, there are no rules regarding replicating past practices. Goodluck!