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 5 things you didn’t know about Red Media Africa’s New CEO.


Red Media Africa is  Africa’s leading omni-media company. It holds a network of premium media companies built across media tools and platforms. It has also succeeded in creating some of Africa’s largest campaigns including the famous/infamous Presidential campaigns for both Ghana and Nigeria’s current sitting presidents – Nana Akufo-Addo and Muhammadu Buhari, respectively.

Hence, when we found that they had appointed a new CEO, Tunde Kara, we decided it was worth checking out.

Here’s what we found:

1. He’s a market entry and positioning specialist

He was brought in during the early days of to secure vital business partnerships and position the brand as the go-to for  Ad placements, Native advertising and branded content campaigns in the Nigerian market. is currently one of Nigeria’s most recognizable digital brands and a market leader in Nigerian Advertising revenue.

2. He’s a serial intrapreneur, with eyes on the money.

He conceived/founded Play Studio Africa, which has generated millions of dollars in Revenue for Swiss Multinational, Ringier Africa Digital Publishing. Through Play Studio, the organization was able to create some of the noteworthy ads and branded content campaigns in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya in recent years. He led teams in the Lagos, Accra and Nairobi offices until his departure in October last year.

3. He is a firm believer in the Nigeria/Africa project.

Because he believes the narrative that Africa’s rising and Nigeria’s huge economic potential isn’t just noise, He is constantly lending his voice, volunteering his time and donating to worthy causes and political campaigns to influence policy change.

He also has a close knit mentorship/advisory network of young African professionals.

4. He is an Avid gamer and Potterhead

If he wasn’t conquering boardrooms, he’ll probably be earning a living as an e-sports aficionado. He’s currently won 3 top division online seasons titles in EA Sports’ FIFA 19. The man doesn’t faff around, when he plays, he goes hard!

He’s also what you would call a Potterhead – a huge Harry Potter fan who re-reads all the books in the series religiously every year and belongs to the house of Gryffindor – even though the sorting hat would have preferred to place him in Ravenclaw. (Yes, we also didn’t get most of that)

5. And if the last point doesn’t already make it obvious: he’s a nerd.

Or how do you explain America’s College Board rating in the top 1 percentile (Worldwide), for everyone who took SAT verbal October 2013?

He apparently answered every question he attempted correctly, with no negative score.

Yup! Nerd.


We get enthused when organisations within Africa who have a mandate of setting themselves apart and doing excellent work make great strides. It’s looking like this is one of them and we can’t wait to see the work that is churned out in the coming year.

“Build a team of fantastic people so you can do fantastic work”, Red Media seems to be doing just that as Kara leaves a trail, nothing short of excellence.


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