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6 killer presentation closers


Thank you for your time today. Do you have any questions?”

The boring end to a boring business presentation.

Just as it’s important to open your presentation with impact, it’s also important that your presentation doesn’t fade out into nothingness with a crappy closing. Don’t spend all your time getting the audience’s attention at the beginning of your presentation, only to lose them at the end.

Here are 6 killer speech closers to get your impact juices flowing for your next presentation:

“This is your chance to…”
Why it works: Reinforces the presentation is about the listener and action needs to be taken soon.

“I know you feel the same… and that’s why…”
Why it works: You’re reinforcing how you empathize with/understand the audience which makes it more likely the audience will take the action you request in the second part of the sentence.

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“Here’s why you shouldn’t trust me…”
Why it works: Challenging the audience to not believe you is a challenge too interesting to ignore. Of course the challenge requires the audience to take the action you ultimately want them to do.

“The best thing you can do now is find holes in this system…”
Why it works: Another challenge: Break the system! “Try and break it” is guaranteed to spur more action than “Test it to see if it works” or “Try using the system”.

“Whatever you do, don’t… unless…”
Why it works: Baiting the audience is sure to get their attention so you know everyone hears the second part of the sentence.

“It’s time we did something for you…”
Why it works: Usually a presentation consists of the presenter lecturing to the audience and then asking them to do some work or accept a change. Get the audience’s attention by turning the tables. Doing the opposite of what they expect guarantees they’ll pay attention.


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