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A multi-trillion industry still in need of transformation


The property industry in South Africa in 2016 showed market volumes worth R5.8 trillion according to the report issued by Property Sector Charter Council’s (PSCC) report which was completed to show the size of the country’s property sector. In an industry that is showing such tremendous year on year growth these results could only mean that this is the industry where young aspiring entrepreneurs both from all backgrounds should be looking more towards.

Teboho Tsekoa, CEO of Hashtags Properties Group was introduced to the property industry as a young man assisting companies with business development and business modelling strategies and implementation. Whilst working for NGL Attorneys in 2016 Teboho saw a gap in the market that
spoke to a lack of transformation within property investments for the majority South Africans. How could it be that such a huge industry making billions for the South African economy was not exposed to South Africa’s majority?

The establishment of Hashtags Properties Group was realised to counteract this calamity. So, in 2016 Hashtags Properties Group began a journey where they recruit South Africa’s finest real estate agents with the potential of owning their own agencies and give them the skills and support
required to ensure they not only operate but sustain their real estate agency.

“An industry once owned by the elite is being transformed giving the majority power to be included and be a part of this big pie of financial and economic independence” says Teboho. The real estate agency in just under two years has since recruited 29 agencies and placed them under their wing. The model is that of a franchise where agencies are given financial and business support through start up capital, offices to operate from and a corporate brand and identity. More than 150 real estate agents in Gauteng have been trained by the property group to date with offices all around
Gauteng and currently one based in Cape Town and one in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The aim of Hashtags Properties Group is to realise the first black real estate company in South Africa with a national footprint and compete with the likes of Pam Golding. “More importantly so, we are committed to being a part of transformation in the biggest way where it will make an impact for
generations to come” says Teboho Tsekoa, CEO of Hashtags Properties Group.

Although the property market has shown a considerable decline of about 15-20% in the last three years. Small imperative improvements made such as the repo rate lowering from 7% to 6.75% in 2018 are some of the highlights proving the industry. There is a lot of potential for future growth for 2019 and beyond in the entrepreneur and job creation space in real estate.

About Hashtags Properties Group Hashtags Properties is a real estate company situated in Gauteng with the aspiration of transforming the face of Real Estate in South Africa. With 29 agencies and over 150 agents across the country. Our strategy is to create sustainable small and medium real estate agencies. We specialise in properties in South Africa, and selected areas abroad. We are the foundation of entrepreneurial development in the property industry.


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