Black owned payment is helping South Africans pay online without risking their bank details

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Black owned payment is helping South Africans pay online without risking their bank details.

Black tech founders at Airbuy(, have created an easy way Africans can pay on online stores using their phone number instead of risking their bank details.

“We envision the internet as the world’s biggest spaza shop, and they on a mission to make paying online as easy as buying at a spaza shop”. Tshepang Kobo (co-founder). The Soweto born entrepreneurs with no funding, just blood and sweat, the team is growing the company and helping ordinary South Africans buy online in a way that is comfortable to them.

With recognition from Global companies like Amazon AWS and Google, Airbuy is growing its list of online stores, big and small.

Currently, Airbuy is available for online stores, anyone with an online can connect our payment button on their online store. From April, Airbuy will be available for any platform including mobile apps and any other e-commerce platform.

We experienced a growth in activity with South Africans who were buying online for the first time. The feedback we got from them was that most of them only tried out online shopping due to the lockdown and practising social distancing, Mentioned Njabulo Makhathini. Furthermore, they explained on explained that they felt more comfortable paying using Airbuy when they saw the caption “pay without your banking details ” next to Airbuy’s blue button.

Create a free Airbuy account:

For online stores who want to have Airbuy as a payment option:


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