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Cape Town Start Up Pioneering SMME Development with ‘Grow My Biz’


The key to recovering from our current unemployment crisis and stagnant economy will be Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises, now more than ever it is vital we put concerted focus and resources into SMME development and support.

The Kuba vision is two-fold; to facilitate access and trade between the informal market and formal businesses on the marketplace and supporting SMMEs by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to formalise their businesses to compete in the broader formalised economy. There are many ways to measure needs and growth, working in the informal market space we’ve learned that entrepreneurs and SMMEs have varied needs and their own ideas on what growth is that the market is often not offering. Our Kuba users have been clear that access to market and marketing their businesses effectively are their biggest challenges and so we developed the Grow My Biz packages.

The Grow My Biz packages are designed for SMMEs in various stages, the free Starter package only requires business owners to sign up on the Kuba marketplace, use the free invoicing software and contact us on anything they need via Kuba’s dedicated WhatsApp support. The Popular package is a good investment including company registration, a personally designed website, web hosting, business email addresses and a digital flyer for R550 per month. Not enough small businesses focus on online marketing as South Africa is still developing access to affordable internet and the skills required to effectively use it. For less than R1000 a month with the Premium package Kuba provides SMMEs with Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing with Google Ads, giving them business support and a Digital Marketing service while also promoting their business and services on Kuba’s social media platforms.

This is what Kuba’s Grow My Biz is about, giving SMMEs of all shapes and sizes options that suit their budgets and needs by extending the tools to reach their full potential and facilitating access to an organised marketplace full of customers in need of reliable local services. When we invest in local SMMEs we improve the quality of products & services, we expand entrepreneurial vision of what is possible and ultimately empower our communities to take control of their economic future.

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