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Celebrating 100 entrepreneurs in 100 days


In yet another bold step to create purpose for entrepreneurs and market access, championing the underdog is at the core of a call to action to profile 100 Entrepreneurs in 100 Days.

Vanessa Perumal, MD of JT Comms on heeding the call on all South Africans and civil society to play a part in celebrating Nelson Mandela’s centenary, “ The business show Entrepreneur Connect Africa seeks to profile and tell entrepreneurial stories and inspire business dialogues around trade and calls for entrepreneurs to apply.”

Entrepreneur Connect Dialogues (ECD), a compelling digital TV platform that seeks to address and ultimately solve some of the countries problems in entrepreneurship, through content wants to share knowledge and business intelligence by using technology and data to make a difference in society.

The show is calling for one hundred entrepreneurs who would like to be profiled on the programme and share their business stories to send in applications to appear on new episodes that will air throughout the next year, heeding to the call on all South Africans and civil society to play a part in recognizing and emulating the values of South Africa’s first democratically elected President, Nelson Mandela, as the country celebrates the centenary of his birthday; whose theme motivates for all people to follow the true values that this leader upheld.

Technology in its splendor is creating unparalleled progress globally, one that is propelled by the democratisation of the process through which value is built for society. With minimal barriers, any bold entrepreneur can now attempt to disrupt minimally or significantly all parts of our social structure. From how we access & consume information, to how we share, learn, communicate, collaborate, and interact. The methods we use in understanding and producing social orders are increasingly being shaped by technology.

And it is on that premise that the new season of ECD seeks to shine the spotlight on savvy entrepreneurs on how to solve problems and transform businesses using technology to drive change in the growth of our economy.

Executive producer, Vanessa Perumal told startupAFRICA that, “We want to show though the programme, how humanity can co-exist with technology and delve more into how we can use these tools to alter models to grow our businesses. Evidently, this has to be done as the future relevance of data and technology now plays a huge role in business intelligence”.

JT Comms, the architects of the ECD project and Level 1 B-BBEE Company, invites corporates, government and other businesses to support this initiative financially through their Enterprise Development (ED) budgets and adopt the project as a beneficiary. Funders can plug into opportunities the platform creates with monetary or non-monetary contributions to transform how small businesses have greater market access and address the lack of positive narratives of the benefits around BBBEE legislation in this enabling environment.

According to Act No. 46 of 2013 (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Act, 2013) and subsequent Codes of Good Practice, assistance by a company for the purpose of financial, operational and/or developmental sustainability to the beneficiary enterprise, will positively impact the company’s B-BBEE score.

With the legislation making it a priority to advance job creation and advancement of previously disadvantaged groups through enforcing the Act, we request that organisations prioritise empowering small businesses such as JT Comms into their procurement and developmental spaces.

”At the core of what we want to achieve with the platform is to educate, share knowledge, where we can create market access, profile entrepreneurs and help shape the destiny of connecting entrepreneurs to markets. Too often stories profiling of the underdog fails to manifest in African media platforms and history misses an opportunity and our project is about making a difference,” says Vanessa Perumal whose resolute champion for job creation as the solution to shifting poverty alleviation in Africa.

The new season of Entrepreneur Connect Dialogues will air every week on JT Comms Facebook channel.

By Koketso Seloane 

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