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EEAB One Learner, One Estate Agency youth programme brings change to the property sector

On 16 June the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EEAB) will celebrate the growing success of its One Learner, One Estate Agency youth programme. The programme, which has been running for the last four year, has seen 10 000 interns participate in the 2019/2020 financial year. The event will take place at Gauteng Province Legislature / City Hall 10 Rissik Street, Johannesburg City Center and starts at 10:00.
The event will showcase the EAAB’s Learnership and Incubation programmes, while communicating the Board’s transformation and empowerment policies, as well as its skills and business development roadmap.
Transformation is a key imperative for the EAAB and while other sectors have seen more visible transformation, the real estate and property sector has been lagging behind. It is a sector that remains largely untapped by diverse communities, with very few Black-owned estate agencies in operation.
One of the challenges and priorities for the EAAB is minimise the significant gap in the estate agency and property development industries. There is a need for open and transparent engagements around the issues of property in South Africa. It is imperative that the EEAB look to supporting the black entrepreneur and property developer in accessing the property industry in a meaningful way to ensure it contributes to the socio-economic development of the country.
“Our vision for the real estate sector to be transformed, professional, well-regulated, and inclusive. This vision is what we have premised our Learnership programme on – to expand access into the real estate and property sector, broaden inclusivity, and meet the needs of both the underserved customer and real estate agent in the country,” says CEO, Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi of EEAB
The One Learner, One Estate Agency Learnership programme aims to develop the skills and expertise of the beneficiaries; empower them with opportunities and give them access to resources so that they may conduct their business efficiently; and to initiate entrepreneurship and job creation within the real estate and property sectors. The programme covers a multitude of subjects in the real estate and property sectors including various legal parameters and laws that govern the industry; marketing of properties; ethical behaviour that is expected from estate agents and agencies; and the work of the EAAB. 
Students are drawn from all four corners of the country and this ensures that there is a diversified pool of young talent that can be trained and developed, while encouraged to be aware of the real estate sector in their respective communities.
“Through proactive outreach and practical experience that can range from 12 -24 months, we believe we can minimise the gap and empower our youth to develop their skills for the real estate and property sectors.
“The enhanced offering of the Learnership and Incubation Programmes will create incentive, and help the beneficiaries to remain competitive and supported throughout the internship and business start-up phases,” continues CEO, Mamodupi Mohlala-Mulaudzi
Over the next three years the Learnership Programme will be reinforced to help the beneficiaries receive the support and help they need to become fully licenced estate agents and property practitioners. These reinforcements will be demonstrated through partnerships with host employers, mobile telecommunication networks, financial services providers, and e-hailer transport services to provide incentives for the beneficiaries to complete their learnerships, and to provide the resources beneficiaries need to fully explore the opportunities within the sector, and to stay within the Programme. 
The EAAB also has an Incubation Programme that will provide start-up capital, operational guidance and support to several Black-owned companies. These companies will also receive mentorship to become self-sustainable and profitable, and then they will be mandated to absorb beneficiaries who’ve completed the Learnership Programme into their businesses – thus creating a virtuous cycle of learning and skills development, business and entrepreneurship growth, and increasing employment prospects.
For more information about the programme please contact EAAB on 087 285 3222 or visit our website on