How to start, build and launch your own online ecommerce store


When starting an online ecommerce store, one thing matters more than anything else: Your first sale. But transitioning your business from a traditional brick and mortar store can come with its own set of challenges, uncertainty and new territory for your business.

By the end of this article, you should have a great idea of what your business will look like when you start, build and launch your own ecommerce store.

But before you start anything you need to research and understand if your market, customers and product demand is suitable for your business to launch and venture into the ecommerce space.

How to start, build and launch your own online ecommerce store we discuss the 5 steps you need to take to get your business started and making your first sale online:

  1. Select your online ecommerce platform, we highly recommend Shopify for Small and medium-sized business. The basic package starts off at $29 per month, sign up for a free 14-day trial.
  2. Select your theme, design and build your UX. You have the option to choose between FREE and PREMUIM theme to match your brand and product style. Highly advise to register your own domain and hosting.
  3. Upload your products, images, descriptions and prices. Always ensure you provide sufficient information and details pertaining to your products as this is the only way to help and convince customers to purchase.
  4. Confirm your payment gateway for your online ecommerce store. Options are currently PayPal for international payments and if based in South Africa you have PayGate and PayFast as options. Note to link your business bank account.
  5. Find a reliable courier/delivery partner. Options are DHL for international delivery and if based in South Africa the options are The Courier Guy, Fast n Furious, Aramex and PAXI.

Finally, you are now ready to launch your own online ecommerce store.

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By Shane Biegnaar – Founder of The Bizniz Media

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