MINDS invites you to apply for their Scholarship Programme for Leadership Development


An exciting partnership paves a way for young South African scholars to study on the Continent.

Through its groundbreaking strategic partnership brokered with the Nedbank Eyethu Community Trust in June 2017, the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) has initiated a Call for applications for South African students who wish to pursue post graduate studies in selected African Universities outside of South Africa.

MINDS offers scholarships to young Africans who wish to pursue post-graduate studies within Africa in any field of study at Honours or Master’s degree level. Through tailored leadership development activities, the MINDS Scholarship Programme aims to nurture leaders who have a continental development mindset, leaders who will facilitate greater cohesion and cooperation between African countries. The program aims to develop Pan-African leaders with a lived understanding and experience of the continent, who can in turn facilitate for economic integration and social cohesion. The scholarships target young Africans with demonstrated leadership track records and commitment to using their knowledge and skills to better their community.

MINDS is a Pan African institute committed to addressing the challenges affecting democratic governance, strengthening African institutions, and seeking new and progressive ways to promote transformative economic development in Africa.

MINDS holds the view that greater integration and cohesion on the continent are essential conditions for Africa’s development.

According to Dr Nkosana Moyo, the Founder of MINDS , “Young Africans should take responsibility for creating the future they envision. Interested parties across the continent should partner with MINDS on this unique initiative and support our youth in this regard.”

The scholarship programme has a leadership development programme component (LDP) component that every scholar is expected to participate in. MINDS hosted the inaugural workshop in August 2019 with its first cohort of scholars. Mrs Machel, the Executive Chair of MINDS emphasised the importance of development. “We call this leadership development and it is intentional that we call it development. It is a process of developing qualities for good leadership.”

Through the partnership with Nedbank, MINDS has since awarded scholarships to three South Africans. Of these, two are studying towards their MBAs with African Leadership University Business School in Kigali, Rwanda, whilst the third is studying towards a Master of Laws (LLM) degree at Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya.

Sinesipho Ralarala, one of the recipients says, “The MINDS scholarship has afforded me the opportunity to study towards a Master of Laws at Strathmore University. I have been in Kenya for a year now. The thought of living so far away from my home of South Africa was daunting, but when I arrived in Kenya, it was a smooth transition. This is because of how friendly the locals are and how willing they are to integrate outsiders into their culture. I soon realized that despite cultural differences, Africans are similar in many ways.”

Jacob Makgato, a student at African Leadership University, School of Business (ALUSB) in Kigali, Rwanda shares,MINDS is creating opportunities for young Africans to pursue further studies, and has helped me pursue my MBA. I would not be able to if it was not for MINDS.  I encourage everyone to apply for the MINDS Scholarships. Studying outside of my country has exposed me to opportunities on the continent, and has given me insights into how other African countries operate and conduct business.”

More information about MINDS or the MINDS Scholarship Program can be found on or contact MINDS on

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