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What to pack on a business trip as a business woman

Traveling is exciting yet overwhelming sometimes, especially if you’re preparing for a business trip. It gets even more complicated if you’re a businesswoman who wants to look professional when you get to the meeting or other events.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Put your frustrations aside, because in this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at some packing tips every businesswoman should follow to make their lives easier.

Balance Style with the Basics

While traveling, you want to create a professional image with everyone you come across during the trip. Therefore, on your travel day, wear comfortable yet stylish pieces.

In addition, you also want to put on some accessories that won’t get in the way as you’re carrying luggage and sitting in cramped seats. You can get some stylish items, but remember to balance them with comfort.

The Right Event Clothes

You want to bring your ‘A’ game to the big event during your trip. You may be a speaker or presenting some products to a prospective client. Whatever the purpose of the trip, you want to dress the part. Pack an appropriate outfit.

If you’ll be attending a more formal event during your trip, pack a conservative dress, some Italian shoes women, earrings, a necklace, and a leather tote. Even though an event might be outside of normal business hours and out of the office, that doesn’t mean you can forget to dress professionally.

The Off-the-Clock Outfit

You won’t be working all day and night during your business trip. If you have time, you’ll want to tour the city or area you’re in — maybe for dinner, late night drinks, or tourist attractions. For this, you’ll need a casual outfit that is appropriate for the weather and the activity you’ll be doing.

Depending on the length of your trip and your daily schedule, you might have a significant amount of free time. Pack jeans and other items that you can wear more than once. You don’t want to have to bring extra luggage if you don’t have to.

The Return Look

If you’ll travel by plane, wear some loose-fitting clothes and shoes for more comfort while you’re on the plane. However, you still want to remain professional. You’re traveling on the company’s dime and representing the company’s brand, so you need to dress accordingly.

Avoid wearing heels. Instead, put on some flats or sneakers when on your way back home.


With these packing tips for a businesswoman planning a business trip, you’ll pack more efficiently and lightly instead of packing your entire wardrobe in multiple suitcases. Also, remember to pack with the destination’s weather in mind. Pack light, travel light!

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